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Ragimsim Birth Story.No2

Today is a continuation of yesterday,

Since we are going to make and sell tsun (see the previous day's blog for an explanation of tsun), we need a brand name. There was one word that bothered me.

This is Lagimusim. It is read as Ragimushim.

One day, out of the blue, a postcard with only these words written on it arrived.

This postcard was sent to me by Mr. M, who was a senior in the dance industry and a senior at work, when he went to Indonesia on a dance company tour.

Before I got this postcard. When I was talking about various things while drinking after work, I vaguely remembered that I said, "Mr. M, when will the season come to me?" . At that time, Mr. M seems to have answered something like "You're as fluent as straw paper!"

In Indonesian, Lagi means "still" and musim means "season". Locally, we use it like "Ragimshim, mango" or "Mango is in season and delicious!".

image 1

That's why I tentatively decided on Lagimusim as a candidate.

I will write more of Lagimusim's story next weekend. Next, I'm going to try to make Tsun, so I'm going to try various men's pants first.

On weekdays, I mainly write about work events.

see you tomorrow!

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