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Read the textile industry sustainability report. vol.12

I would like to study the current situation of the textile industry in Japan by reading the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Blueprint for a New Era" July 2021.

Deepen your understanding by commenting and supplementing excerpts from the report. I would like to read on in style. thank you.

This is the continuation of vol.11.

5. Promoting digitalization (1) Background In recent years, the development and spread of new technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI have been remarkable, and they are expected to respond to various issues. It is also useful for improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, stabilizing facility operation, labor shortages, and sustainability initiatives. Sustainability initiatives have something in common in terms of "managing the supply chain." There is a need to understand what is happening where in the supply chain, including the working environment and materials used. Furthermore, in order to increase online sales and promote LTV (customer lifetime value), which emphasizes longer relationships with customers, it is necessary to change the way of contact with consumers. Information management using digital technology is extremely effective.

It is important to adopt digital technology more and more, manage information and have contact with consumers.

Today is up to here.

thank you very much.

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