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Read the textile industry sustainability report. vol.10

I would like to study the current situation of the textile industry in Japan by reading the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Blueprint for a New Era" July 2021.

Deepen your understanding by commenting and supplementing excerpts from the report. I would like to read on in style. thank you.

This is the continuation of vol.9.

4.Supply Structure (1) Background Our lives have been based on mass production and mass consumption. However, it has been pointed out that these business activities and consumption activities are reaching their limits, and it is important to make effective use of limited resources. In the textile industry, the mass production system itself must be changed, and it is required to aim for appropriate production and supply in terms of the amount of production and supply of products.

Appropriate-volume production/appropriate-volume supply specifically means made-to-order production and small lot management production. I will start little by little so that this kind of system becomes the norm in society.

(2) Factors and effects of increased supply In the 1980s, many expensive products were purchased, as symbolized by the DC (designers & characters) brand boom. However, the subsequent economic downturn led to deflation, and apparel companies moved their production bases to China, where labor costs were cheaper, in order to lower the selling prices of their products. The products, whose unit price was lowered by mass production, were supplied to many stores including department stores. It is also pointed out that having stores in many locations has increased the number of supply destinations, and that the supply volume has increased due to the fact that each store has a full lineup of products. In addition, there is a possibility of mass production of products that are not often purchased, and discount sales have become the norm. Consumers anticipate and anticipate discounts and refrain from purchasing, resulting in an increase in the number of unsold products at raw prices, creating a vicious circle of repeated discount sales.

We've come to the final stage. It's probably time to change to moderate-volume production and moderate-volume supply.

Today is up to here.

thank you very much.

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