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Read the textile industry sustainability report. vol.1

I would like to study the current situation of the textile industry in Japan by reading the report of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Blueprint for a New Era" July 2021.

Deepen your understanding by commenting and supplementing excerpts from the report. I would like to read on in style. thank you.

First, the import penetration rate in the domestic apparel market rose to 98%. The market scale has shrunk from 15 trillion yen 30 years ago to 10 trillion yen.

98% of Japanese apparel is produced overseas and imported. Moreover, the market size continues to shrink. However, surprisingly, the supply has doubled from 2 billion points 30 years ago to 4 billion points. In other words, you can see that the amount of apparel waste continues to increase.

Currently, 1. With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, sales of apparel and other products have dropped significantly. 2. There are changes in consumer needs based on the "new normal".

A new normal means a change in the way we live and work based on our experiences with the spread of infectious diseases. The point is to promote social implementation of digitalization.

"Sustainability" will be an important perspective for the textile industry in the future.

Sustainability is guided by the 2015 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). There are 17 major goals. I think that it will be a viewpoint of protecting the natural environment from the responsibility of production and consumption and the problem of waste disposal.

I'm trying to make progress little by little each day.

See you tomorrow, thank you.

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