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Read the 2nd Environmental Improvement Study Group for Further Promotion of Cashless Payments to SMEs ⑦

I think I'll do it because it will also be my social study.
(From 2021/10/18 new information from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry council / study group)

table of contents

1. Review of the first discussion

2, Cost structure for credit card, electronic money, code payment

3, Draft plan well known to consumers

4, Progress of verification at stores related to cashless payment

Let's start with a review of the first discussion. I will look up technical terms in the materials, words that I do not understand, and parts that I am concerned about, supplement them, and read on. The main opinions from the committee members are as follows.

This is the opinion of the main committee members on topics such as how to disseminate information for promotion .

Committee on the introduction of payment services

● If there are many payment services, both consumers and merchants will be troubled, and management costs will increase. As a solution, there is a method of making it easy to understand by managing with APIs and apps, and a method of bundling the scattered services into one. In order to increase the cashless payment ratio, it may be an option to unify payment methods without credit to central bank digital currency.

● The message of cost reduction does not resonate with the owners of SMEs, and content related to sales is more appealing.

Other committee members

APIs and apps are one way to dispel consumers ' concerns about the difficulty of managing payments due to the large number of services available, and to improve convenience. Important. Industry standardization should be arranged from the customer's point of view and in a form that does not hinder future entry and innovation.

● In order to make the content of the discussion essentially meaningful, it is necessary to consider more concretely how it will be applied to stores and consumers. For example, it is necessary to evaluate the degree of penetration among SMEs and consumers by setting KPIs for the method of dissemination.

● For the spread of cashless payments, it is necessary to take the perspective of consumers and people so that they can understand and enjoy the benefits. Methods and media that are easy to understand and convey to consumers should be considered.


☆API stands for Application Programming Interface.
For example, when using a PC to newly register for new software or services,
You can fill in address information, and at that time, you can get information other than the street address just by entering the postal code. Such functions are called APIs. Its role is to connect software that is open on the Internet with other software.

☆ KPI is an abbreviation of Key Performance Indicator. For example, in order to promote the spread of credit card payments, should we use the total number of credit card payments as a KPI? Or, make the number of stores that accept credit card payments a KPI? It will be used like

●Summary Very easy-to-understand deals. But consumers can easily shop and convenient. However, there is no sense of value for stores that have introduced it because of the credit card transaction fee. However, it is possible to track consumer purchase behavior numerically, and there is also the advantage of being able to shorten the time required for accounting management. I think they would hate it because it would simply reduce sales.

I will end here for now.

In the next installment, we will discuss the opinions of members of the observer side on topics such as how to disseminate information for promotion.

Thank you for reading.

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