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I'm going to do a light color audition

It's been raining since the morning, and I wonder if the nursery school kids' spring excursion will be canceled.

By the way, in the morning, I was done with clerical work, arranging delivery, schedule for model shooting, etc., and it was over.

Recently, I'm hungry, so I'm going to take a walk in the back hills without lunch to burn calories.

The leaves were floating in the air on the promenade, so I'm going to post a picture.

image 1

image 2

Image 3

In the afternoon, I took a picture of the bag that will be used to hold the polling event for the pale color bag championship on Instagram from today.

The rain had just stopped and the sky was cloudy, which was good for photography. What color will you choose? We are waiting for your vote. For voting, see the light color audition on lagimusim's Instagram

see you tomorrow

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