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Today is Ragimsim birth story.No21

I got some sorghum from my neighbor today. We are all very happy. When freshly picked, it is sweet and the grains burst. Early this year. good

After that, after boiling and eating udon,

This kind of face ❣️ slowly

image 1

Today is Saturday and Sunday, so I will continue from the 6th of last week about the birth of Ragimsim.

In February 2011, it was the first exhibition installation. We rented a car early in the morning, put products, trees, hand-made fixtures (furniture used for exhibitions), and catalogs in the car and left for the tabloid at Hinode Pier. I'm used to this style on the underground stage.

I still remember having this conversation in the car on the way to the venue. "If I give you 2,000 copies of the catalog, they will buy 20 to 10 products!", "If they buy 100,000 worth of each item, right?", "It will be about 1 million to 2 million yen." It's a conversation like "Uh-huh." My heart was already filled with glittering hope. Motivated Manman 200 Man.

Arrive at the venue around 11:00 a.m., unload your luggage, and rent a car at the nearest parking lot. Start preparing for the exhibition. In advance, I assembled the display at the actual size at home, but it is completed while fine-tuning it so that it looks cute at the venue. It was around 3pm when I finished.

The parking fee for a rental car is about 5,000 yen, which is really a waste. But I did so because it was a waste of time to return the car and return to the venue.

At that time, the exhibition that we imagined was perfect.

Well then, See you tomorrow.

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