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今日はラギムシム誕生ストーリー .No23

Today is the birth story of Ragimsim .No23

Yesterday, I got home late and couldn't write a note.

Today, I'm trying to make a room with a study desk for my older child in a space with a window of about 1 tatami mat. I made half the frame of the wall.

Then I mowed the weeds. It won't end in one day. I have to do it next week,, my goal is to cover it with a black ground cover. Weed too strong.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we are serializing the birth story of Ragimsim.

Last week 2021/6/13, from the continuation of NO.22.

On the second day of my first exhibition, I was really happy to have buyers who sometimes said "cute". I managed to explain the product and hand over the catalog and get a business card. It's a repeat of talking to interested buyers. There is no buyer who will buy it on the spot. . That's right, it's pretty obvious. It is quite rare to be able to talk with the buyers and the president who have the right to make decisions.

It was the second day that I concentrated only on getting a business card somehow.

See you next week.

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