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Ragimsim today

Today, I went to Kadokawa Musashino Museum Shop, which is a business partner. This is the place where YOASOBI, who can sing even for my children, sang in Kouhaku!

I am very happy that the museum shop sells Ragimsim paanibags and purses! So I came here to say hello.

Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Musashino Museum. Inside that strange block of stone is that bookshelf.

image 5

There were such huge clothes!

image 2

This picture is amazing! If you shoot with a flash even on a normally pitch-black campus,

Image 9

Coral humans are cool! There are also coral deer!

image 5

image 5

black light series

image 5

Image 6

image 7

Finally, on the big bookshelf! YOASOBI was there too!

image 11

image 10

Image 8

When I go with my children, I can't take pictures at all & I can't see everything www

The museum was full of other interesting things.

to the museum shop

image 12

image 13

image 14

I actually felt the atmosphere of the shop and talked with the shop staff. Thank you for taking the time.

see you tomorrow.

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