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Chinese translation started.

It's already the end of July. too fast. .

2.3 days ago, Chinese appeared in the translation of the online shop. It was translated by a junior in the Ankoku Butoh era in Taiwan. I'm kind of happy. Each product page has been translated. We plan to add more translations in the future.

In Japan, EC sales to overseas are expressed as cross-border EC, but I think it is wrong because EC is connected to the world. If I were to raise specific issues without vaguely crossing borders, I think there are three main points.

The first is language. The Japanese notation makes it difficult for foreigners to buy. If there is a translation of each country, it will be solved.

The second is the delivery and shipping environment. EMS can be used to deliver worldwide. EMS shipping is also possible from the shipping warehouse company. However, contracting with a shipping warehouse company in each country requires a local subsidiary, which is quite a hurdle. But you can ship it by EMS from within Japan.

The third is the settlement method. In Japan, there are credit card settlement, Amazon pay, Rakuten pay, paypal, convenience store payment, bank transfer, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the major settlement methods of each country at the online shop. I think this is the problem. Credit card payments are major in the United States and Japan, but debit card payments are the mainstream in other countries. To use it, you need to have an account with a financial institution in each country. A local subsidiary is required to open an account. . . It seems that money can solve the problem. It seems to be quite difficult with only paypal settlement, which is common all over the world. . . .

In summary, it is possible if you can prepare the main local settlement method.

I think there are many other ways to sell our own products overseas via e-commerce, so we will consider them at another time.

That's all for today. thank you very much.

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