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Ragimsim Birth Story.No12

When I woke up in the morning, a hornet had wandered into my house and was buzzing around. It flies to investigate as if it is trying to make a nest in the house. I can't stop. I've heard that it's weak against smoke, so I tried burning white sage. After a while, I started to rest on the ceiling. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, so I quietly brought the chair closer to me and swept the fly with a single blow. Today started off by boasting to the child who woke up the hornet that I had defeated—you did it!

Let's start with the continuation of Ragimsim Birth Story 11.

After about 2 weeks, I put the collected autumnal leaves in a book and stored them in Tupperware containing a desiccant.

Next, I thought that if I applied a resin coating to increase the strength, it could be used as an accessory part. There are various types of resin on the net, so I bought acrylic resin with a transparent finish. Acrylic resin is hardened by mixing liquid A and B in a specified ratio. If you put a leaf on the table and put acrylic resin on it, it will stick to the table. After researching it, it seems that silicon can be peeled off well, so I surrounded the wooden board so that the silicon wouldn't spill out, poured the silicon, and left it for about a day to complete the silicon coating. Now you are ready to start making!

If I were to write it in a sentence, it would be one line, but I had never touched silicon before, and it took a lot of motivation and perseverance to do things I didn't know.

Well then, the continuation of Ragim's birth story will be on the weekend!

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