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Ragimsim Birth Story.No8

It's nice weather, today I learned how to do makeup at Shu Uemura. I want to be able to do makeup for shooting, so I'm training.

Continuing from yesterday, it will be the birth story of Ragimsim.

I write interview articles, write four-panel comics, and draw pictures every day to create and post the materials necessary for the web magazine, but the insight data is about 30 people a day. Friends only!?

I can't even sell a single original T-shirt. I worked part-time at a cafe, and Kana worked as an aroma massager to earn a living.

But even though I'm doing a web magazine, I bought a single-lens reflex camera, a recorder, materials for men's pants, and so on.

Salmon fillets and pasta from a local fishmonger were the staple food. I'm glad it was delicious at all, but I ate that much!? ️ It's cheap.

One day, continuing such days for five months.

While lying down at home and looking at the ceiling, I murmured, "I wonder if I can sell hair or stones?"

More on this next week

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