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garbage problem

Rainy, then cloudy, then rainy weather. I had a headache and a sore throat from last weekend, feeling like I was starting to catch a cold. It's been a long time since I blogged.

Today, I was curious about how much garbage is actually produced by the sewing factory that is indebted to me, so I asked him to send me a photo.

150 skirts and pullovers (clothes worn over the head) 100 leftover fabrics are here

image 1

It will be garbage that comes out every time it is produced. As the number of production increases, it will increase steadily. And this leftover cloth is burned and turned into ash and goes to the landfill. The problem is the energy it burns is costly, and domestic landfills of ash and shredded waste fill up in about 20 years. That's right, when the children of today grow up, there will be no place to throw away their garbage.

Ragimshim's products also draw a pattern that leaves as little residue as possible.

Recently, I'm thinking about how to reuse this leftover cloth. We hope for a garbage-free future. Today is Tanabata, so your wish will come true.

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