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Ragimsim Birth Story.No4

It's a spring Sunday, isn't it? Today I had Loco Moco at a Hawaiian style cafe chain. Children's first pancakes. After taking a bite, I stared into the void and remained motionless for a while.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we are sending out the Ragim birth story as a drama. from the continuation of yesterday

As a result, when I researched the men's pants market, there were three brands, excluding major shops.

First, there is a shop in Jingumae, which uses high-performance fabrics with subdued textile prints. A high-priced men's pants brand that is likely to be used as a gift for adult men in your family. It looks like it cost about 5,600 yen

The second one was found at an online shop, and it's the same high-performance fabric with a fashionable print.

The third one is American comic-style, with a fun feel, and uses a variety of fabrics in a variety of colors. The price of 3000 yen.

You won't know until you try it on, so I bought one high-performance fabric fashionable print and one American comic-style yellow pile fabric and tried them on.

As a result, the high-performance fabric quickly becomes terror-terror, and the pile fabric feels stiff.

So, I want to make and use it myself. I made the pattern by referring to the one I bought. It feels good on the skin, and I have a fondness for it, so I wore it every day. As expected, I became carefree, but it was quite a good result.

While trying on such pants, we decided how to sell them. The story of selling on the internet will be next week again.

Now, 13.4 years later, the pants that I made for the first time are the cushions for the cow figurines at Ushijima Shrine.

image 1

image 2

Bunts of nostalgic memories.

See you next week.

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