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The shadow of the walnut tree is cute! ️

I'm going to take a walk in the back mountain again today. The shadow of walnut leaves is cute.

image 1

It's a leaf like this.

image 2

The green beard has a tropical feel!?

Also, the bumblebee started to fly. I keep flying to the same place, probably because of my habit of protecting my territory. There is a bear bee somewhere. Try to find it.

Image 3

It was the black guy in the middle.

After returning from a walk,

I took a picture of a robin for Instagram. I wanted to fix it and shoot from directly above, so I made a temporary beam by connecting the rafters and shot it. If you buy equipment, it costs about 1 yen, so you can cut costs.

Please take a look at the completion on Instagram again!

Well then, See you tomorrow!

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