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Notice regarding COVID-19

About shipping and delivery regarding the new coronavirus

  • delivery
    • Delivery to some areas may be suspended or delayed. For details, please check the websites of Sagawa Express and Yamato Transport.

  • shipping warehouse
    • If infection is confirmed in the warehouse, measures such as temporary suspension of services may be taken.

  • About shipping overseas (EMS)
    • Acceptance of shipments to Japan and some overseas shipments will be suspended. For details, please see the EMS page of Japan Post.
    • Delivery to Japan and some areas of overseas shipments will be suspended.For more information, see the Japan Post EMS page.

 [Delivery information for each major delivery carrier]
・Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
・Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

[Important] Regarding our response policy regarding the new coronavirus

  • If the product cannot be shipped,
    • We will contact you by email at the time of your purchase. Basically, the order will be canceled (refunded). If you would like to wait until the delivery service resumes without canceling, I would appreciate it if you could reply to that effect.
  • If it becomes impossible to receive the goods,
    • We will handle cancellations and refunds. Lagimusim will cover the shipping fee. "Payment fee" that has already been paid cannot be refunded.
  • Flow until Lagimusim products reach the customer
    • <Sewing products> Fabrics are transported from the fabric factory to the sewing factory via wholesalers. At the sewing factory, the fabric is cut, packaged, and shipped directly to the warehouse. After that, the flow is warehouse → delivery business → customer. Everything is done in Japan (Tohoku/Yamanashi/Saitama Warehouse).
    • <Handmade products> Some people help us with the production of some products. After that, it is shipped to the warehouse via Lagimusim.

We will keep you informed as soon as the situation is updated.

Thank you for your continued support of Lagimusim.

We wish you all the best in your safety.

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(2020/06/19) [Important] Notice of resumption of EMS shipments to some areas

Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, EMS (international speed mail) has been suspended in various countries and regions.

・Some areas have resumed international e-packet services.

[Reopening area]

Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Spain,

Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria,

Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg

In addition, please check the website of each shipping company for detailed information on areas where shipments have been suspended.

[Delivery information for each major delivery carrier]

・Japan Post

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