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Talk about colonoscopy. Thursday, September 3rd

I had a colonoscopy yesterday.

"It's hard to pass stools many times, but the examination is so much..."

It wasn't that hard to get out, but the test was excruciating...

When you tell someone that it hurts,

It's not good if you don't like getting tested.

So, here are some ways to ease the pain.

I was worried about what was said at the hospital,

"After doing it for the first time, I could see how the intestines were and the pain, so next time I'll use a thin and flexible camera."

(Eh...!! Use it from the beginning, I told you when I made the reservation.)

Because there was a thing called

・Not only at the time of reservation, but also on the day, you should tell the nurse to use a thin camera. (especially large hospitals)

・To get anesthesia, you can not change it on the day unless you tell it at the time of reservation. (Especially at a large local hospital/you won't be able to drive a car for a day) I don't know how much anesthesia will be because you said you would be drowsy.

・There is a high possibility that the examination will be painful for slender women. (even those with diverticula)

・Plump patients are less likely to feel the pain of the examination.

・The older you get, the more difficult and painful it is to empty all the stools before the examination. (Some people are usually constipated, so it's better to watch your diet a few days in advance.)

That's what I learned.

I am 32 years old, and the reason why I took the test was because I was hospitalized due to diverticulitis, an inflammation of a part of the large intestine, at the beginning of July.

I was relieved to find out that nothing was malignant.

Early detection is important, so it's important to get tested at the right time.

Thank you for coming to Lagimusim today.

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